Benefits of Owning a New Manufactured Home in West Palm Beach

||Benefits of Owning a New Manufactured Home in West Palm Beach

Benefits of Owning a New Manufactured Home in West Palm Beach

Own a New Manufactured Home in West Palm Beach

Affordable housing in America has become a thing of the past. Many Americans are finding it hard to purchase a new home as it burns a hole in their pockets. The problem is even more critical for those who have limited budget such as retired people. In their quest for buying a home in their desired place and spend their golden days there, they get unnerved with the skyrocketing prices of real estate. So what is the remedy? Here is when manufactured home communities come to rescue.

Manufactured home communities have become the hottest trend today. Florida has an enormous number of manufactured home communities built for retirees and is a top most retirement destination due to the various advantages it offers. West Palm Beach in South Florida takes pride in being home to some excellent manufactured home communities which are created on the idea of providing an affordable, secured and quality life to its residents.

 See the Benefits of Owning a New Manufactured Home in West Palm Beach

Owning a new manufactured home in West Palm Beach can bring a number of benefits for you which are very practical and pleasing.

Cost- Effective- Manufactured homes are comparatively less expensive than site-built homes. Depending on a particular geographic region of the country, the average construction cost per square foot for a new manufactured home ranges from 10 to 35 percent less than a comparable site-built home. Also, contrary to the general myths that manufactured home depreciate in value over time, the independent appraisal studies validate that manufactured homes can appreciate in value in the same way as other types of housing.

Manufactured homes have become a hot favorite with retirees as they enable them to lead the kind of lifestyle they want. As they spend less on buying a new manufactured home, they save a substantial amount of money which can be used for spending on enjoyment and availing other luxuries. These homes are built in factories, so their costs are better controlled and very reasonable. They offer advanced architectural designs and construction quality along with providing a desirable lifestyle to their 55+active residents.

Great Location- West Palm Beach is an attractive city in Palm Beach County.

It is famous for sunny skies, beautiful palms, an ideal weather throughout the year and a variety of outdoor and cultural attractions. West Palm Beach is a perfect place to live and enjoy. Buying a manufactured home in West Palm Beach will be a wise decision.

You have a lot to do- West Palm Beach offers a myriad of things to do. You can enjoy a game of golf at a number of immaculate local courses or spend a day on beach for tanning and catching up on your reading.  Feel the thrill of watching African chimps and endangered species like the Southern White rhinoceros wander free in a natural habitat at the Lion Country Safari. Peanut Island, a popular tourist attraction is so fascinating that you can spend an entire day on it. It holds a bunker built for President John F. Kennedy during the Cold War. The island houses the bunker, a museum and a number of picnic areas, plus cycling and walking paths. The ferry to the island cruises past the splendid mansions of the city’s wealthy residents. If you prefer indoor activities, the Norton Museum takes pride in holding an exceptional collection of American, Chinese and European art. Famous artists perform at “The Harriet” and at the Kravis Center. And shopping, the favorite pastime of the city is always there. You can shop at various venues ranging from designer boutiques to famed department stores.

Cost of Living- Though the cost of food and varied expenses like entertainment in West Palm Beach are about 5 percent higher than the national average, the overall cost of living is lower than the national average. That means you will have to pay less on electric bills and other luxuries to maintain and enjoy your life. These days, manufactured homes, like site-built homes, are being built on the idea of energy-efficiency. Owning an energy-efficient manufactured home in West Palm Beach will lower your energy costs.

Owning a manufactured home in West Palm Beach will be highly beneficial. First, you have to pay less on buying a manufactured home as compared to a site built home. Second, the city is attractive and vibrant and has a pleasant weather and third, you have to pay less for energy costs and overall cost of living. Consider moving to Palm Lake Co-Operative, an active adult community of manufactured homes with a plethora of activities and amenities. You will have an enviable lifestyle in an enviable city!

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