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Welcome to Our Member Area!

How-To: What’s the PLC Buddypress Community?

As a resident of Palm Lake Coop, you are invited to take part in the many social activities that take place on a monthly basis. In order to stay up-to-date and well informed on “what’s happening” here at PLC, the Buddypress Coomunity page is your starting place!

There are a number of listed group activities in our community, to access these groups, you simply need to be a PLC resident in good standing and have signed up as a Buddypress Community Member…


Members: How Can I Find Other Members?

Once you’ve signed up as a member, you’ll have direct access to everyone in the PLC Buddypress Community! You can browse through the active members directory, search for friendly neighbors and see who’s recently signed on.

You can select the MEMBERS sublink by accessing the BUDDYPRESS COMMUNITY main menu or click on the direct link below…


Groups: What Can I join or do at PLC?

PLC Buddypress Groups are where everyone comes together! We’ve put together a number of group activities for everyone to participate. Some are open to join for all members, others require some advanced skills. You’ll also find a host of events that are theme based and, of course, holiday events as well.

The PLC Town Hall Meetings, the Board Meetings and other management events are also posted here for consultation purposes.

At any time, you can join a group of your liking as a member. By doing so, you’ll be included in everything to do with that group. Want to join more than one group, go ahead, just browse through the available groups and ad yourself as a member, it’s as easy as that!

Want to create a new group, host an event, get in touch with the PLC GROUP ADMINS, they’ll set up a specific group for you to manage ;

You can select the GROUPS sublink by accessing the BUDDYPRESS COMMUNITY main menu or click on the direct link below…


Activities: How Do I Know What’s Going on at PLC?

There’s always something happening at PLC! We’ve created the Buddypress Community as an easy way to provide all of our members with up-to-date event information. Whatever’s going on at PLC, our Activity page is where you’ll find the information you’re looking for.

You can select the ACTIVITY sublink by accessing the BUDDYPRESS COMMUNITY main menu or click on the direct link below…


Logging On & Managing Your Buddypress Profile…

There’s more than one way to log into the PLC Buddypress Community… Follow either of the steps mentioned below. Once you’re logged on, you can manage your personal profile and explore all of the Buddypress features available to you! Upload your own profile picture, your own themed background image and start interacting with fellow PLC members today!

Login From the Buddypress Community MENU on the left…

Login From our Website’s bottom right MENU…

Manage Your Buddypress Profile…

You can manage all aspects of your profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Check online PLC activity, manage your profile, get notifications, check out some friends and explore groups, events and more…

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