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Become a Resident
and Step Into 55+ Adult
Community Living!

See how easy it is to become a resident…

This section should provide you with all of the information you need to get started on how to become a resident in a retirement community in Florida.

The residents of Palm Lake Co-op are made up of people just like you, semi-retired and retired folks from all over the United States and Canada that have gone through the process of becoming residents in a community that fits their lifestyle. You could say, they’ve found the perfect 55+ adult retirement community in South Florida, and one that’s safe and affordable to boot.

Here’s what you need to know on how to become a resident in a retirement community in Florida:

Come in for a Visit

We’re open on Sundays to provide you with all of the information you need on how to become a resident, and also how one takes part in our active living community. Enjoy some time with our residents, get to know a few people, start up a conversation… You’re sure to find friendly like-minded people just waiting to say hello!

Why not take us for a spin during our Saturday night dance socials, and see just how social we really are! If like many retired couples, you also enjoy the company of a canine companion, bring Fido along, have him sniff around, as pets are more than welcome at Palm Lake Co-op.

Buy a Share

To join our Florida active retirement community, as an owner, you will need to purchase a co-op share which is based on the price of your selected lot or home site. Current pricing is set at $20,000 per lot and builder promotions may be available.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll be charged a recurring monthly maintenance fee of $300 per month – an amount that’s closer to half of what most other home associations’ fees are at these days. Where else in South Florida can you enjoy all of the amenities offered by Palm Lake co-op and profit from such a sound investment at the same time?

Your New Home

Once you’ve selected your home site, you’ll go through the process of selecting the manufactured or mobile home of your choice. Your chosen model will then be delivered to your site as per all of your expectations.

By the way, don’t expect cookie cutter housing at Palm Lake Co-op, we’ve got so many models to choose from, your dream retirement home will be as unique and individual as you are. Have a look at some of our popular models and start your selection process now! Starting in the mid 100s’ our houses are most likely just the size you’re looking for…

Not decided yet? Why not rent a house for the season and try before you buy! As some of these houses are also for sale, they may turn out to be a good fit and a convenient option for those who feel more comfortable with a move-in opportunity.

Make Palm Lake Co-op your 55+ Florida Active Retirement Community.

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