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A great way to meet the neighbors!

It’s hard to get an idea of what a place is really like just by reading reviews… Of course visiting us is probably the best way to go if you want to get to meet some of your future neighbours.

The next best thing would be reading about some of the experiences and stories some of our residents have told us about. Get to understand folks who enjoy life at its fullest since moving to this wonderful co-op.

After reading these great stories, me might just be adding you to our testimonial page as well, sometime soon!




Donyale & Carl

Permanent Residents

Donyale & Carl are a lively couple from Connecticut, now permanent residents at Palm Lake Coop. Carl currently works in the construction industry and Donyale, who previously ran an interior decorating firm, now enjoys house cleaning to keep herself active.

Let’s change the place together! Recently, Carl was elected as a member of the board. He and his wife Donyale welcomed the idea of living in a coop. A place where the community works together to better the park, a day at a time. 

No more condo! Not that long ago, they actually owned a condo in New Palm Beach. After 14 years, they decided to put it up for sale. They were tired of the noise and the lack of intimacy. Imagine hearing their neighbours through the walls… They also had parking issues: meaning they only had one dedicated spot! When people came to visit, finding guest parking was a nightmare. 

PLC met their budget. They had a friend who’d been living comfortably at PLC for a few years now, so they decided to visit the park. They also went to many other similar parks in the area to get an overall feel and make some comparisons. Let’s just say they were really surprised by the high monthly fees, other communities were asking. PLC actually fit their budget, offering a much better deal for a place that was just as clean and as beautiful. They decided to buy a lot here and chose a manufactured house which was later delivered on their selected piece of land. After doing a bit of research, they chose a beautiful Jacobsen model. Learn more about the choices they were able to make.

Common age group, common interests. Carl and Donyale enjoy the fact that PLC is a 55+ Active community. They live with people their own age, folks who share common interests and activities. It’s also a lot quieter here. They love kids, of course, they have grandkids themselves, but what they enjoy the most, is living among people their own age.

Since moving in, a couple months ago, they’ve started to go to activities like Oktoberfest and participate in horseshoes as well. They also take full advantage of the heated pool and enjoy after dinner walks. They love the fact that the community is safe to walk around in. Welcome home, Donyale & Carl!



Elizabeth & Robert

Permanent Residents

Elizabeth and Robert talk about the benefits and joy they get out of being part of the Palm Lake Co-op community. For them, it’s a haven that gives them time to recharge their batteries after a busy day at work.

Palm Lake Co-op is the ideal place to relax and enjoy them selves after work! Get a barbecue going, eat out, tiptoe around barefoot in the grass, take a walk around the lake after dinner as you meet many smiling faces… these are some of the reasons why Elizabeth and Robert chose Palm Lake Co-op.

Many Florida communities are focused mainly on retirees. We didn’t find this to be true at Palm Lake, which draws its appeal from the many activities available, with the benefit of friendly people who are 55 and over. As such, several Co-op members are still active and still work, which is just the case with Elizabeth and Robert.

Elizabeth has a passion for educating people on exercise and nutrition, helping them to get fit and stay fit. She also plans to share her knowledge with other residents through conferences, workshops and courses. As for Robert, he still works full-time only 15 minutes away, which makes it a very easy commute.  He’s also committed to stay fit by exercising regularly, and loves using the heated pools to swim laps.

New construction or home renovation, the choice is yours! Elizabeth and Robert were quick to announce that their kitchen is being renovated to better reflect their modern lifestyle and engaging personalities. Regardless of the construction, it was a pleasure to sit down and spend the afternoon getting to know them better. They chose to buy an existing home and renovate rather than buy new like their neighbors Patrick and Jocelyne or Donyale and Carl. The choice is yours at Palm Lake Co-op.

Splashing around in the pool is so much fun!! Elizabeth is delighted to offer their children and grandchildren an environment well suited for family celebrations and leisure: on-site pools, free beaches nearby, water slides, parks, the Palm Beach Zoo, inviting shops and so many choices for dining out.…

It’s great to witness this young grandmother, happiness in her eyes, enjoying her granddaughter’s laughter during her recent visit. Splish splash, the young child was having so much fun in the kiddy pool on the front lawn. Never will condominium living afford this type of fond memory.

A friendly welcome… Upon arrival, Elizabeth and Robert felt welcomed by other residents. They were quick to join in, mingle and enjoy all of the available activities which are offered at the three clubhouses.

Obviously this dynamic duo still works full time, so it’s on the weekend that their presence is appreciated at community dinners, dances, etc. Join them, and discover a friendly community that’s located just ten minutes from everything!



Phyllis & Roger

Canadians Snowbirds

Phyllis & Roger live at Palm Lake Co-op many months out of the year. When they return to their home town of Shédiac in the spring, they quickly miss the interaction, such a tight-knit community offers. At Palm Lake Co-op, Phyllis & Roger have made a lot of friends, including a wonderful couple from Gatineau, Quebec which they’ve met on NextDoor, the online community network in Florida.

Mobile home or condo? After visiting Roger’s sister’s home here in Florida, Phyllis decided on buying a mobile home, so she could spend time here and again. Roger who was still working at his business in the Shédiac fisheries industry, really appreciated that there was a train that ran readily to Miami, one which was easily accessible to him.

Phyllis & Roger hesitated between a condo and a mobile home. The winning advantages of the Palm Lake Co-op formula made their decision making that much simpler. To give you a couple of examples, they can easily unload groceries without having to go up a number of stairs, and they’re able to park their convertible right in front of the door.

Tranquil gazebo living. As they’re now both retired, their large gazebo is the space they enjoy the most, it offers them all of the tranquility they’ve come to deserve. Reading, listening to music, relaxing in the shade to the gentle sound of the small water fountain that adorns their front lawn, it’s all good!

The 10 minutes from everywhere paradise Both can attest to the numerous activities offered by Palm Lake Co-op, the close proximity to the beach- and shopping centres as well. There’s even a Costco within a ten minute drive. Everything is so close, you can’t even really enjoy your convertible to the fullest! That’s one of the reasons why Phyllis & Roger do so much exploring, driving about… Enjoying everything Florida has to offer!

Heading back to PLC, you’ll find this dynamic duo on the streets of our community, discovering new friends as days go by. Better know around the community as “The Walkers”, these retirees are happy to say… “What a great feeling we get, knowing that we can walk around our community with a sense of total security.”



Maureen & Wayne

American Snowbirds

Meet Maureen & Wayne, both retired teachers from New Hampshire. This couple discovered the Palm Lake community in 2009, they bought their property and settled into paradise. The move couldn’t have been more enjoyable, as they’d stayed in two different RV Parks over the years that ended up being sold. Finally, they found a place they could call home without having to worry about it being sold again…

As they settled in, they made friends very quickly. Residents were stopping by, starting up a conversation and asking where they were from. Maureen couldn’t believe how nice people were from the start! “They even watch my house when we’re not home,” she adds. Maureen was quick to point out that she also has a friend that takes care of her plants and flowers when they’re gone and she even takes pictures to show us how well they are growing. Wayne adds… “This is just how the community is.”

West Palm Beach is a golfer’s paradise… Wayne likes to golf 3-4 times a week with his friends who live nearby. The closest course is Long Pine , it’s just 5 minutes from their house. You should see Wayne’s golf room, a dedicated space just for his golf equipment. He’s passionate about golf, that’s the least we can say! 

What about a car? You don’t even really need a car here, there’s a bus line that runs through the different parks and even passes by the casino. Wherever you end up, the same bus is there to bring you back as well. Maureen and her friends have created a special bond, kindred spirits that like to explore cultural activities like museums, the theatre and, of course, do a bit of shopping in the Outlets! Maureen and Wayne both enjoy the various activities at Palm Lake Coop. Dinners, bowling sessions, variety shows and dances are just some of the activities they like to take part in. “Even if you don’t like golfing or going to the beach, West Palm Beach is beautiful and has so much to offer on a cultural level. There’s just so much to do here,” says Maureen. BTW, she’s actively looking for new members for her bowling team. Are you in?

Did they consider buying a condo? Never. They love the fact that they have a little grass-covered yard, they also enjoy planting flowers which makes their place feel like it’s THEIR home. They’d never trade it in for a condo. In fact, they love this place so much that they’re even planning to move there permanently when they’re a little older. Palm Lake Coop is their home!



Mary Sue

American Snowbird

Yes, singles also enjoy life at Palm Lake Co-op! The way your sixties should be lived, Mary Sue is a perfect example of how an active Snowbird like herself can feel so at home at PLC. Discover her story!

Originally from Michigan, Mary Sue enjoys the Florida sun during the winter months, from October to May. Retired from General Motors, this outgoing single has created strong ties with many friends in her new community. It’s interesting to note that she discovered the Palm Lake Co-op because of a long-time friend… Next thing you know, she was part of it too!

No strangers here, just friends! There are times in life when we need some extra comforting. Six years ago, when her husband died, Mary Sue was fortunate enough to spend some time with her childhood friend who happened to live at Palm Lake Co-op. In this time of need, she was able to unwind, catch her breath and feel a renewed sense of closeness and warmth, while appreciating the intimacy she needed to mourn. Back on her feet, this young grandmother then decided to buy a house here, a decision that has since made her quite happy. As she’d previously lived in a condo environment, she had a comparative view from which to assess this new lifestyle. Contradictory rules and ridiculous regulations are now a thing of the past, welcome to easy living she thought! In fact, the cooperative living formula here is much better suited to Mary Sue’s personality. When she returns to Michigan, it’s always a relief to know that the neighbours are looking after her lot and are seeing to the overall state of things.

Living at Palm Lake Co-op keeps you young! From the numerous activities offered to residents, Mary Sue is quick to recommend the heated pools, the exercise classes, the different courses, the collective suppers, the themed dance evenings, etc. It’s during one of these PLC parties that Mary Sue’s granddaughter celebrated her 18th birthday!

Enjoy family vacations! It’s the perfect place to have family over to spend some time, as the close proximity to highway I95 leads to everything: beaches, water parks, fine dining, gourmet shopping, malls and specialty boutiques as well.

Singles are welcome! Although Mary Sue is quite charming, she’s not looking for a new husband quite yet (with a laugh)! There is, however, a single’s club for those who are interested, but Mary Sue’s so busy these days, she hasn’t gotten around to it yet. There’s so much to do, she laughs again as she explains that she hasn’t had time… All in due process!

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