Is a Manufactured Home Community Right For Me?

Downsize into a Manufactured Home

Generally, many soon-to-be retired people find themselves in a strange situation that is downsizing their lives. As it has become a common practice nowadays for many retirees to move to an active adult retirement community, the strange situation makes itself visible in the form of looking for a new home which is smaller, crafted to suit their needs, is easier to maintain and above all less expensive. Now, another strange situation awaits them as most of the retirement communities offer manufactured homes.

The concept of manufactured homes doesn’t go well with many retirees as they have several prejudices and misconceptions about them. Actually, during 1970s manufactured homes came into existence which meant single-wide “mobile homes”. Those who have known or heard about such homes have many preconceived notions about manufactured homes. Today, manufactured homes mean a totally different thing. They are carefully created, very well-built keeping in mind the needs of ageing bodies, are less expensive and can’t be distinguished from site-built homes. All these positive features of modern manufactured homes come as a surprise to those who are misinformed about them.

Cost Effective Manufactured Homes

As manufactured homes have been associated with an inappropriate reputation based on the situation half a century ago, so are the manufactured home communities. But the truth is that the case is totally different when it comes to 55+ active communities. These communities are perfectly planned to be both cost-effective and enjoyable for retirees. They are totally different from the “mobile home parks” you know from your parents.

However, a retirement community shouldn’t be judged simply on the basis of what kind of housing it provides. In fact, you can never judge a retirement community by considering just one factor. But, right now, as we are concentrating on the single factor that is manufactured homes vs. site-built homes, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of buying into a manufactured home community.

Let’s consider the disadvantages first where the biggest ones are usually a case of misleading opinion. For example, many people assume that site-built homes sustain their value whereas manufactured ones don’t. Or in other words, the former appreciate over the time while latter depreciate. But the truth is that value of manufactured homes can increase as well, even for pre-owned ones, though it happens at a comparatively slower rate. The reason behind this difference is preconceived idea that pre-owned manufactured homes are less in demand as compared to site-built ones. Though considered a disadvantage, it can turn into a great advantage if you are a buyer.

Then comes the question-are the manufactured homes less safe than site-built ones? Most of the people will promptly say “yes” but they will be incorrect. Now, the standards for creating manufactured homes are higher as compared to past. So you can buy a new or pre-owned manufactured home with full confidence as they are in certain ways safer than site-built homes. Nowadays, it has been made compulsory that manufactured home must conform to the Federal standards (the “HUD code”) that are stricter than the local and state codes that supervise site-built homes.

The greatest prospective disadvantage is to get finance for manufactured homes, particularly for pre-owned ones, which can escalate the interest rates. This, too, has roots in your own credit history. The truth is that retired or soon-to-be retired couples face less difficulty in getting an appropriate mortgage rate as compared to young and new home-buyers.

Now let’s discuss the advantages of buying a manufactured home. The most important one is manufactured homes cost substantially less than the site-built homes. The difference in the costs between the two can be as much as two third for same size and facilities. The reason behind the cost-effectiveness of manufactured homes is the fact that when something is produced in bulk, the costs tend to be reduced.

Apart from the lower cost of the manufactured homes, the associated costs such as local property tax and repair expenditures-as readymade parts replace the damaged ones-also tend to be lower. Also, the cost of renovating your manufactured home will be far less as compared to site-built home because the former has a high level of flexibly which allows easy replacement and installation of manufactured modules.

As the cost of installing manufactured homes is much less, developing a full community of manufactured homes gives the developer more freedom and scope to direct his funds towards providing other facilities so that the residents can get a better and more luxurious life. For example, the developer can spend his capital for providing improved infrastructure such as streets and lighting, faster internet facility, a bigger clubhouse with more amenities and so on. And isn’t it more desirable and practical to have modest homes with wonderful amenities around rather than having expensive luxury homes with fewer amenities?

55+ Active Adult Retirement Community

Consider moving to Palm Lake Co-Operative, one of the foremost 55+ active adult retirement communities in West Palm Beach, Florida. The community has been developed around manufactured homes where you can choose one as individual as you are at a reasonable cost. The amenities provided are luxurious and diverse and are sure to keep you active, fit and happy from every point of view. And you have to pay a monthly maintenance fee of just $264. There is always so much happening in and around Palm Lake Co-Operative that everyday brings you a new excitement and entertainment.
This manufactured home community will give you a quality life at a reasonable price. Purchasing a manufactured home at a legitimate cost and enjoying a myriad of amenities and activities everyday at a minimal monthly fee-it couldn’t get better!

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