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Purchasing a Manufactured Home
is a Wise Choice!

A new home for the price of a pre-owned condo…

Pay less. Enjoy more…

Manufactured homes have become a hot favourite with retirees as they enable them to lead the kind of lifestyle they want. As less is spent on purchasing a new manufactured home, our residents save a substantial amount of money, which can then go towards activities, leisure, travel and all around enjoyment.

These homes are built in factories, so their cost is better controlled and therefore very reasonable. Depending on a particular geographic region of the country, the average construction cost per square foot for a new manufactured home ranges from 10 to 35 percent less than a comparable site-built home. It’s also possible to rent out your place when you’re not at home.

Manufactured or mobile?

Earlier manufactured homes were also called mobile homes, a term that is unfortunately still in use. The fact is, this term is not appropriate to today’s homes as less than five percent of such houses are likely to be moved from their actual site. A manufactured home is built on a non-removable steel chassis that is hauled to the building site on its own wheels, it’s as simple as that! 

Designed for your lifestyle

The homes in our 55+ active community are designed with you in mind. Every room and common area of your manufactured home is designed and built according to specific choices you decide on and any special needs you may require are addressed throughout the planning stage. Everything is put forward to make sure you feel at home, right from the get go!

View a sample Jacobsen home, click here…

Palm Lake Coop communauté adultes 55+ maison usinées

Consider the following points:

Buy a share and choose your site

Your share is equivalent to the price of your home site (lot), which is presently being offered at $20,000. All of our sites are generous in size, which ensures ample privacy. The lots can easily accommodate the home of your choice. Enquire now!

Take Your Time

Buying a manufactured home is a major step. You’ll need to give it some thought and planning. This can’t be done hastily as it involves financial, legal, personal and social aspects that need to be well planned and fully considered…

Know the Facts Before You Commit

It’s wise to make sure everything is in order before going forward with the purchase of your manufactured home. There are many factors that need to be considered, such as if the home is strong enough to withstand local weather, how annual climate cycles can affect your comfort, and of course, making sure the house adheres to local codes in good standing. You’ll also want to go over the type of warranty the manufacturer provides. Whether the manufactured home comes with an implied warranty that refers to an unspoken promise that the home is good enough to be sold and livable, for example.

Also make sure to check how long the manufacturer has been in business and what information they can provide as to the quality of the structural components that comprise the home is a good way to go about your purchase. You will need to take into account all aspects of the home that may come to mind, making sure you don’t skip on any important questions that could cause issues down the road. Furthermore, to ensure you get the best customer service, we suggest contacting the local broker/representative for each company directly.

Link to manufacturers:

• Jacobsen

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