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Palm Lake Co-op
Available Homes

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As time goes by, some of our residents need to relocate. Others may want to explore other states or another country all together. And of course, at some time down the road, life takes its toll. 

Whatever the reason, there’s always an opportunity to purchase an existing home at a great price. Not only do our existing properties offer fast turnaround, they’re fully landscaped and sometimes come partially or fully furnished. Above all, they’re all petty much ready to move in! 

As you browse through our interactive listings, you’ll find properties for rent, properties for sale and you may even find properties that are listed as rent to own as well… TAKE A LOOK!

Buying options:

Two options are available for new residents. One can either select an existing home from our listings that is being offered for sale or one could consider purchasing a made-to-order manufactured home which will be delivered and setup right on your new site.

Renting options:

You can easily rent an existing property directly from an existing owner; this is a great way to immerse yourself in the Palm Lake Co-op lifestyle without having to carry out any long-term commitments.

Consider leasing a fully furnished home during the next season, from October 1st through May 31 st. This is a wonderful way to enjoy all of our amenities and of course, the sunny weather Florida is famous for.

Here’s a preview of what’s available:


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